GeoBlacklight Metadata Schema

GeoBlacklight-Schema focuses on discovery use cases for patrons and analysts in a research library setting, although it is likely useful in other settings. Text search, faceted search and refinement, and spatial search and relevancy are among the primary features that the schema enables. The schema design supports a variety of discovery applications and GIS data types. We especially wanted to provide for contextual collection-oriented discovery applications as well as traditional portal applications.

The schema is documented on the GeoBlacklight Github Wiki.

The schema is also discussed in detail in a code4lib journal article here: A Metadata Schema for Geospatial Resource Discovery Use Cases

GeoBlacklight Metadata Schema Workgroup

The GeoBlacklight Metadata Schema Workgroup convened during the Summer Community Sprint in 2020. The goals of the workgroup include:

  1. Systematically assessing and evaluating the GeoBlacklight Schema 1.0
  2. Developing a new GeoBlacklight Metadata Schema that features:
    • improved interoperability with DCAT and Dublin Core based schemas
    • new fields for rights
    • new fields for item relations

Workgroup members:

  • Abigail Pennington (UC San Diego)
  • Adi Ranganath (New York University)
  • Amy Work (UC San Diego)
  • Andrew Battista (New York University)
  • Diane Fritz (Auraria Library)
  • Karen Majewicz (University of Minnesota/BTAA)
  • Keith Jenkins (Cornell University)
  • Kimberly Durante (Stanford University)
  • Lena Denis (Johns Hopkins University)
  • Mara Blake (Johns Hopkins University)
  • Marc McGee (Harvard University)
  • Margaret Mering (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
  • Michelle Janowiecki (Johns Hopkins University)
  • Stephen Appel (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
  • Susan Powell (UC Berkeley)
  • Tom Brittnacher (UC Santa Barbara)

Follow the workgroup’s progress on GitHub here: