GeoBlacklight is the main discovery interface for geospatial data. It is developed as a Ruby on Rails engine and built on top of the popular open-source discovery interface Blacklight.

GeoBlacklight consumes the OpenGeoportal shared metadata catalog enabling discovery of thousands of datasets.

The application is structured as a Ruby on Rails Engine which allows for adopters of GeoBlacklight to easily upgrade to new releases of the software with minimal loss of local customizations.

Current features include:

  • Unique shareable urls for data and searches
    • Share a dataset with colleagues or students
    • Customize views based off of certain search terms
  • Download in multiple formats
    • Shapefile
    • KMZ
    • GeoTIFF
  • Inspection of data before download
    • View a dataset’s attribute table before downloading it
  • Responsive design
  • Spatial search
  • Easy to update, customize, and theme
    • GeoBlacklight uses semantic versioning to provide a sane upgrade path
    • Uses Twitter Bootstrap for easy SASS theming