This is part of a larger tutorial created and presented as "A hands on introduction to GeoBlacklight".


Welcome to the workshop, “A hands on introduction to GeoBlacklight”!

This workshop has been given at several conferences and is meant to be kept up to date. Previous versions of the workshop can be viewed on GitHub.

Workshop Dates:

Workshop facilitators

Stanford University

  • Jack Reed
  • Darren Hardy

Princeton University

  • Eliot Jordan

Workshop Agenda

This workshop will focus primarily on getting a working development version of GeoBlacklight up and going for you. This will be broken down into the following sessions.

  1. GeoBlacklight Overview (20 minutes)
  2. Setting up your environment (45 minutes)
  3. Create your GeoBlacklight application (45 minutes)
  4. Index Solr Documents (20 minutes)
  5. Customize your application (extra credit)
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