A multi-institutional open-source collaboration building a better way to find and share geospatial data.

GeoBlacklight Project Showcase

Big Ten Academic Alliance Geoportal

The Big Ten Academic Alliance Geoportal aggregates metadata from 10 different institutions providing a single place to find and use data from multiple GIS data clearinghouses, FTP sites, and library catalogs.

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Lewis & Clark GeoBlacklight Repository

Lewis & Clark now offers access to its GIS data through a GeoBlacklight portal. This project is part of the Watzek Digital Initiatives program and offers access to environmental, demographic, and other types of datasets.

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NYU - Spatial Data Repository

The NYU Spatial Data Repository is a search and discovery platform for geospatial data created by NYU's Data Services. The application is the entry point for discovering and accessing NYU's spatial data collections.

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Stanford University - EarthWorks

EarthWorks is Stanford University Libraries discovery tool for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data. It combines data sources from many institutions allowing users to search through tens of thousands of geospatial datasets.

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The Vector-Bourne Disease Network (VecNet) uses GeoBlacklight for spatial discovery of data, tagged citations, articles, and reports that support malaria eradication.

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Virgo GIS

Virgo GIS is the discovery application for GIS datasets from the U.Va Library collections.

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GeoBlacklight Contributors

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