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Introducing GeoBlacklight

A quick introduction to the GeoBlacklight project and this blog.

This blog serves as an announcement and engineering blog for developers and the larger GeoBlacklight and geospatial communities. We aim to share our experience with creating the GeoBlacklight project, preserving geospatial data in a repository, engineering challenges to overcome, and other related topics.

GeoBlacklight is an open-source collaboration between several institutions, with a goal of building a better way to discover, share, and access geospatial data. The main software project (GeoBlacklight) is a powerfull discovery and geospatial search application. Built as a Ruby on Rails gem, GeoBlacklight based on the popular open-source discovery software Project Blacklight. We hope you will take a minute to check out the project, connect on Twitter, or join the Google Group.