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GeoBlacklight Quick Start

This guide covers the quickest way to get up and running with GeoBlacklight, including:

  • How to install GeoBlacklight on your local computer.
  • How to create a new application.
  • How to add and index geospatial content.


Bootstrap a new GeoBlacklight Ruby on Rails application using the template script:

DISABLE_SPRING=1 rails new app-name -m
Then run the geoblacklight:server rake task to run the application:

$ cd app-name
$ bundle exec rake geoblacklight:server

Index Example Data

With your Solr server and Rails server already running (via the geoblacklight:server rake task above), open a new terminal window and index the GeoBlacklight project's test fixtures via:

$ bundle exec rake "geoblacklight:index:seed[:remote]"