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Accessing Raster and Vector Layers in GeoPackages

OGC GeoPackage

GeoPackage is an encoding standard specified and maintained by the Open Geospatial Consortium, primarily directed towards the structure of SQLite geodatabases. As the GeoPackage standard provides standardization for vector features, tile matrix sets, and raster maps, it may be used as a container for either vector or raster spatial data sets.

To indicate the download is a “GeoPackage”, add this term to the dct_format_s OpenGeoMetadata schema field.

GIS Web Services

GeoPackages may be rendered using the layer viewer by providing the URL of a standard Web Map Service (WMS) or Web Feature Service (WFS) within the dct_references_s field of the schema.

GeoServer Support

For those who are currently using GeoServer in order to provide access to these data sets, the documentation outlines the process for uploading data sets and extracting vector or raster layers. Further, there also exists a plugin which permits one to export vector or raster data layers into GeoPackages (please see further documentation outlining the extended WMS/WFS output formats). Unfortunately (as stated above), exporting into GeoPackage in GeoServer requires that one install a plugin. Only reading is supported by GeoServer core.

ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro Support

For those using Esri's ArcMap, the process of connecting to a GeoPackage data source is identical to that of connecting to any SQLite database: This is the case also for users of ArcGIS Pro: