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Update the Catalog Controller

A number of other configurations you may need to update are handled in your app/controllers/catalog_controller.rb file. This file has plenty of code comments to help you out with the details, so the following is just a brief summary of the main configurations you can make within it.

Configurations you can alter include:

  • Search Facet Management
    • Determine which fields are exposed to users in the search facet panel, and how they are labeled.
  • Search Results Fields
    • Determine which fields will be displayed for each item in the search results list.
  • Item View Fields
    • Show/hide fields from the catalog view for each item. Note that a number of default fields are not displayed directly in the catalog view because they are used to power different aspects of the presentation.
  • Default Search Behavior
    • Alter search ranking, sorting, and filtering.
  • Basemap Style