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Using an External Solr Instance

In some cases you may need to install Solr through a different method than described above, or link your GeoBlacklight installation to an existing Solr installation. You can learn more about installing Solr in the Apache documentation.

Configure the Solr Core

Once you have Solr installed, you will need to create a new core and configure it for GeoBlacklight. How you create the core may depend on your installation method, but will likely be something like

$ bin/solr -c blacklight-core

Now rename/remove the core's conf directory and replace it with the solr/conf directory from GeoBlacklight:

You can alter the core's configuration here as well, generally in the schema.xml file.

You can find the installation location of your Solr instance through the web admin interface:

Set SOLR_URL Environment Variable

GeoBlacklight will use the SOLR_URL environment variable (if present) to look for Solr. For example, assuming your core is named blacklight-core:

$ export SOLR_URL=

Now run the rails server and your external Solr will be used

$ rake engine_cart:server