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GeoBlacklight version 1.0 released!

As part of an ongoing community last week, GeoBlacklight v1.0 was released! GeoBlacklight v1.0 contains work by 11 contributors, from five institutions, making 706 commits. Thanks to everyone who has contributed!

GeoBlacklight v1.0 contains many enhancements including:

  • Blacklight 6 compatibility
  • Autocomplete and spelling suggestions on by default
  • Enhanced UI Components
  • Greater ability to customize metadata fields
  • A simplified metadata schema
  • Customizable Leaflet map and plugins

GeoBlacklight adopters who are interested in the upgrading to GeoBlacklight v1.0 should read the update wiki.

The community work continues and we have seen several additional versions of GeoBlacklight released in the past few days. These patch versions contain bug fixes and minor enhancements. For more information about GeoBlacklight or the ongoing work connect with us at: