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GeoBlacklight 3.0 is Here!

Our Summer Community Sprint concluded in August 2020 and resulted in a new version of GeoBlacklight! Version 3 brings us the long awaited multiple downloads option, support for Rails 6, and many improvements for accessibility.

Notable Activities and Enhancements

  • MULTIPLE DOWNLOADS: To learn more about how to format metadata for multiple downloads, review How to configure multiple download links

  • NEW NAME FOR THE DEFAULT BRANCH: We changed the name of the default branch to “Main.” There is a growing consensus in the development world for projects to change the default branch of their code in GitHub away from "master," as this is a loaded, potentially offensive, term. Read more about it here, including comments from our community:

  • ICONS: We deprecated the geoblacklight-icons project, which relied upon font-awesome for the icons. Now, new SVG images can be submitted directly to the GeoBlacklight repository or added in your own GeoBlacklight application.

  • METADATA SCHEMA WORKGROUP: During the sprint, we convened a Metadata Schema Workgroup to assess the current GeoBlacklight Schema 1.0 and develop an upgraded version. The workgroup will continue to meet throughout 2020.

  • COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE & VALUES: We also kicked off new discussions of how to be an equitable and inclusive community. These discussions are ongoing - check out our new About page, where we will be adding more soon.

Thanks to everyone who participated with code development, feature review, and metadata assessments. Consider joining us for the next sprint!