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Announcing the GeoBlacklight Community Summer 2022 Sprint

The GeoBlacklight Community collaborates on a 2-week sprint every Winter and Summer. Participation in the sprint is open to anyone and can include coding new features, fixing bugs, writing documentation, troubleshooting issues, and more.

Each sprint starts with a kickoff meeting where we will review our goals and volunteer to contribute towards various issues. This will be followed by short standup meetings every day to check-in and plan our next activities.

Event Dates

This sprint is taking place over two non-consecutive weeks:

  • August 8-12, 2022 and September 12-16, 2022
  • Daily standup meetings: Weekdays @ 1:05pm Central Time

How to Join

Send us your name and email using this Google form. The GeoBlacklight Community Coordinator will then send you the Zoom links with instructions on how to join.

Tracks for the Summer 2022 Community Sprint

Here is the proposed sprint work broken up into sections:

1. Coding

Primary Goal: Upgrade GeoBlacklight, Version 4 from pre-release status to stable version

  • Description: Creating code updates, fixes, and enhancements to commit to the GeoBlacklight code base
  • Useful experience: application development, Ruby, Ruby on Rails
  • Example tasks:
  • Addressing bugs
  • Performing maintenance on framework and dependency support (i.e. Bootstrap, Rails)
  • Cleaning up Blacklight deprecation warnings

2. Documentation

Primary Goal: Improve documentation for getting started

  • Description: Improving the public website, tutorials, and guides
  • Useful experience: writing, design, website editing
  • Example tasks:
  • improving the website design and content
  • creating a “How to launch GeoBlacklight” guide for the website
  • organizing and updating the project wiki

3. Metadata

Primary Goal: Improve documentation for migrating to OpenGeoMetadata schema, version Aardvark

  • Description: Assessing and documenting the metadata schema for GeoBlacklight
  • Useful experience: metadata, documentation
  • Example tasks:
  • creating a metadata migration guide
  • creating new or updating existing sample metadata files
  • Updating the OpenGeoMetadata website

Other Work

  • Description: Other GeoBlacklight-related work is welcome at this sprint!