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Announcing the GeoBlacklight Community Winter 2021 Sprint

The GeoBlacklight Community collaborates on a 2-week sprint every Winter and Summer. Participation in the sprint is open to anyone and can include coding new features, fixing bugs, writing documentation, troubleshooting issues, and more.

Each sprint starts with a kickoff meeting where we will review our goals and volunteer to contribute towards various issues. This will be followed by short standup meetings every day to check-in and plan our next activities.

Event Dates

  • The sprint will take place from February 16-26, 2021
  • Kickoff Meeting: Tuesday, February 16 @ 11am Central Time
  • Daily standup meetings: Weekdays, February 17-26 @ 1-1:30 pm Central Time

How to Join

Send us your name and email using this Google form. The GeoBlacklight Community Coordinator will then send you the Zoom links with instructions on how to join.

Tracks for the Winter 2021 Community Sprint

This sprint will encompass three tracks:

Track 1. Metadata

The GeoBlacklight Metadata Schema Workgroup is developing a new version of the metadata schema. During the sprint, we will need developers and metadata specialists to review and implement the new schema.

Track 2. Community

Our community is growing! We are working on developing a governance framework, documenting our values, and developing a 2021 Roadmap. During the sprint, we will need people with project management and documentation skills to help move us towards improvements in our community organization.

Track 3. Software maintenance

This one is especially for Ruby on Rails programmers and any GeoBlacklight users who like to troubleshoot! The sprint is a good time to fix bugs and look at dependency upgrades.